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Finding my Church helped me find myself

Sep 28, 2020

Chaplain contact: Lilly Nelson

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Hello, my name is Lilly and I am part of the Anglican Chaplaincy Team representing the Parish of St Luke in the City (St Bride’s Church, St Michael in the City and St Dunstan’s Wavetree)

I am part of a church community called Open Table – A safe, sacred space for LGBTQIA+* Christians – it is a Fresh Expression of Church founded in 2008 at St Bride’s Liverpool, which has now multiplied with communities gathering across England and Wales – more information can be found here:

This isn’t to say that all churches are non-accepting of LGBTQIA+ Christians, however Open Table began by meeting a need that arose from community members feeling bruised, vulnerable and hurt by their treatment.  Having a peer supported community with pastoral care – creating space to pray, build community and have conversations about being an LGBTIA+ Christian.

In my own journey, I was a student of theology, and alongside this, had a lot of frustration with church, with God, at a time when I was coming to terms with my own sexuality.

Building back my confidence

Finding St Brides Church in my final year and being recommended to go to Open Table helped me greatly with my own mental and spiritual health. I have had the privilege of offering reflections for Open Table Liverpool which gave me a platform to talk, and effectively ‘come out’ in a community who could walk alongside me and build back my confidence.

Given this time of lockdown, we have been praying especially for people who are living in situations – perhaps the family home – where they are unable to feel accepted for the person that they are.


On Sunday 18th October, Open Table is hosting an Online version of their yearly Service celebrating National Coming Out Day.  Please find the zoom link below and rest assured, this service is handled with great sensitivity and anonymity.

Sunday 18th October, 6.30pm

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 348 762 7488
Please email me directly for the password, Lilly Nelson: [email protected]

I’m also available to chat if you would like to know more about Open Table or just chat!

*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex and Asexual, Plus

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