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Let’s talk about grief

Nov 19, 2020

Chaplain contact: Lilly Nelson

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You are not alone.

As we approach the end of this historic year of 2020, let us take a moment to reflect.

This year has thrown up in the air any plans that we had – those who have lost time with their family, those who have lost a long awaited holiday, breakdown of relationships and friendships

That anticipation of big birthday celebrations, achievements and graduations are still on hold.

In the saddest instances, we have lost our loved ones, maybe even classmates.

And it is perfectly okay to be sad.

Grief is a strange thing, affecting everyone differently. It can also trip you up when you least expect it. The more we talk about our loss, the healing process can begin.

Death Café – Coming in January 2020

Our work as chaplaincy (St Luke in the City team parish) in the new year, will include introducing an online Death Café Webinar– this is an initiative for peer support, to open up conversations about death, and bereavement with students who may have not experienced a death before, let alone one of a classmate. This will hopefully be  a positive platform to allow for conversation, questions and allow for the healing process to begin, in particularly during this time which can be so isolating, where chats can be had anonymously.

If you are a student of LJMU / UOL and would like more information for when we launch death café drop Lilly a message: [email protected]



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